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Responsive Web Design

With more than half of the American adult population on smartphones, having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a trend — it’s a necessity. Responsive design creates an optimal user experience on any device, making it easier for consumers to access your website.

Google Recommended

Google, being the search engine giant, pretty much dictates what needs to be done for search engine optimization. In its numerous suggestions on how to gain high rankings, one of the important ones is the use of responsive website design. Google has clearly indicated that it prefers responsive designs to the mobile templates. The use of a single URL with the responsive design makes it easy for the search engine robots to crawl and index the website. This also helps greatly in reducing the on-page search engine optimization errors.

Reduced Bounce Rate

A responsive designed website offer users various features when accessed on a mobile device; the website either adapts to the screen automatically or tries to reload to the mobile version. The latter option is slow and usually results in the page errors. This makes the user turn back to the search engine results page for the alternative websites. This increases the bounce rate and indicates to the search engines the ability of the website to generate interest. However, if the website has built-in responsive web design, then, the page opens almost instantly, fitting to the screen size, as it does on the desktop. This makes the user stay on the webpage and browse around easily, thereby reducing the bounce rate.

Increased Sales

A well-designed website, offering a friendly-user experience, can make good use of the web content to drive sales. A good website design is user-friendly and accessible through smart devices, which helps the business reach out to wider niches and the targeted audience. Use of the smart, user-friendly web designs give advantage to business entities. A business with innovative, hi-tech services is likely to win over the rest of its competitors.
The smart phone devices are most commonly in use these days. According to a calculated figure, 5.1 billion, out of the 6.8 billion-world population are the smart phone users. This further endorses how important it is to shift to the responsive website designs, in order to create a better user experience for the billions of people.

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